Tree Fairies Necklace - Hand created by me.


Beautiful White Tree Fairy pendant on a clear quartz crystal chain with a leaf toggle clasp. Hand-crafted by me with love. 
★ Pendant is made from polymer clay. Approximately 3" tall.
★ Chain is made with natural clear quartz nuggets, gold plated wire wrap. 22" long. 
★ Secured in front with antique leaf toggle clasp.


Do you love the magical world of Fairies and Elves as much as I do?  If yes, then this is the perfect pendant for you. Beautiful Teal Tree Fairy pendant hand-crafted by me with love. 
 Pendant is made from polymer clay. Approximately 3" tall.
Chain is antique silver plated soldered fancy chain. 
★ Crystal AB Czech fire polished faceted glass bead with silver plated bead caps. 


Beautiful Peru Tree Fairy pendant on agate faceted bead chain. Hand-crafted by me with love.
 Pendant is made from polymer clay. Approximately 3" tall.
Chain made with agate faceted bead chain. Gold plated rosary links. 22" long. 
Between peru and chestnut colors.  

This necklace is ready to ship in 1 day. Comes packaged in a beautiful box, perfect for gifting or safe keeping.

Recommendations care:
- Jewelry made of polymer clay are strong, but require careful treatment.
- Do not drop them from a height.
- Crystal Stone is easily scratch, please wear with care.
- They do not like extreme heat or cold.
- Avoid contact with perfume or hairspray.
- Do not bathe in jewelry made of polymer clay.
- If necessary, wipe (pat) them with a damp soft cloth.

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Tree Fairies Necklace

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