Mother, Maiden & Crone Mirror

This triple goddess wall mirror is made of designer composite resin and glass, hand painted and polished individually.

The Triple Goddess represents the feminine, nurturing side of Deity -intuitive, creative, and magical. She is the inner nature of Deity -the origin of the external Universe. This Wicca Decor Set comprises of the Clear Translucent Gazing Ball and the base holder that features the Faces of the Triple Goddess; Mother Maiden and Crone.

The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth and youthful enthusiasm, represented by the waxing moon. The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfillment, stability, power and life represented by the full moon. The Crone represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings represented by the waning moon.

Item #S-01
★ Material: Resin, Glass, Paint
★ Dimensions: 17.25'' H x 12.5'' W x 2.5'' D
★ Weight:  6.25 (lb) pounds

When photographing our product, although we do our best to get the best representation of the true colors of the product, sometimes there might be a slight variation. Due to computer screen resolutions as well as lighting and photography, colors may vary slightly. 

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Mother, Maiden & Crone Mirror

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