Cernunnos Celtic God Statue

Cast in high-quality resin, finished in bronze and hand-pained.

Cernunnos is the conventional name given in Celtic studies to depictions of the "horned god". Seated here, you see the Celtic Forest Horned God amongst his forest animals. The detail throughout this piece of art is extraordinary giving you a quality portrayal of the Lord of the Forest for your sacred space.

Seated in the forest, Horned God is depicted with Antlers, Ears, Legs and Hooves of a Stag. He holds out to you, the Torc of Power in one hand and the Snake of Power and Transformation in the other. Celtic arm bands encompass his strong muscular arms. The striking serpent which coils around his left arm ends just under his cloak which covers his back touching the forest foliage. At the front, his cloak is attached with Pentacle Cloak Clasps to the Celtic Chest Decoration just below the torque at his neck. Below his furry abdomen, at his waist he wears an elaborate Celtic Belt which is accented with the swirling Triskele. Forest foliage, tree trunk and mossy ground create the base which Cernunnos, the bear cub, fawn and second snake are living.

Item #S-45
★ Material: Cold Cast Bronze
★ Dimensions: 9" tall
★ Weight: approx 4 (lb) pounds & 7 (oz) ounces

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Cernunnos Celtic God Statue

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