Beautiful Angel Aura Quartz Point Pendant - Rainbow Colors

Item # SC-P02
★ Material: Angel Aura Quartz / Electroformed in 24K Gold
★ Pendant Size: Varies Sizes
★ Sold As: Set of 1, you will receive exact pendant you select
★ Chain: 24K Gold Plated 3 x 1.7mm Flat Cable Chain (select length in options)

Prior to purchasing please read the Description of this Listing and my Store Policies. By purchasing this item you are acknowledging that you read and understand both.

If you want pendant only, please leave me a comment at checkout. 

# 1 Peacock Blue

# 2 Lovely Pink

# 3 Sour Apple Green

# 4 Oh My Fuchsia

# 5 Lollipop Pink

# 6 Peacock Blue

# 7 Peaches & Cream

# 8 Magenta Fabulous 

ATTRIBUTES: Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal, also known as, Titanium Aura, displays an iridescent titanium surface shimmer with multi-colored rainbow reflections. Quartz Crystal has been prized for millennium as a worker of magic and a potent shamanic tool. Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal activates all the energy centers, the rainbow bodies, the entire chakra system and brings vibrant energy and zest for life and clears the path for the life force to manifest dimensionally. Rainbow Aura is created when permanently bonding Gold and Titanium vapors to the purest Quartz in a very high temperature chamber. It is a high vibration crystal, energizing the entire chakra system and the physical body. 

Please note that all crystals and stones may have various inclusions, chips, cracks or other markings that make each stone unique. Please refer to the photos of each item to view them prior to purchasing. These are not "defects" but are natural markings and inclusions. 

Recommendations care:
Please practice common sense jewelry care. Some creation colors may differ according to your monitor setting. Do not drop them from a height. Avoid immersing this item into water. Gold, silver or rhodium plating means applying a layer of precious metal over base metal. The elements of this necklace have been plated with EDT coating technique, which insures high quality of coating. However, plated items are not lifetime purchase, since the layer of precious metal will eventually rub away on some parts of the chain and findings.

Beautiful Angel Aura Quartz Point Pendants - Rainbow Colors

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