Bastet Egyptian Goddess of Protection Statue
This seductively majestic bronze statue represents Bastet, one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt. Generally she was thought of as a cat goddess although she originally had the head of a lion or desert sand cat.  She is often shown holding the Ankh or the Papyrus Wand, which represents the breath of life and lower Egypt, occasionally she will carry a Was Scepter which symbolizes strength and is often accompanies by a litter of kittens.  

Made of a high quality cold cast bronze and hand painted color accents, this Bastet statue measures approximately 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Bastet (also known as Baast, Baset or Ubaste) was worshiped in ancient Egypt starting around 2890 BCE. She is the Goddess of cats, protection, fertility, perfume, and the arts.

Item #S-41
★ Material: Cold Cast Bronze
★ Dimensions: 10" tall
★ Weight: approx 2 (lb) pounds 

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Bastet Egyptian Goddess of Protection Statue

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