Gemmy Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Heart

Intentions: Intuition, Development, Growth
Chakra: Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
Elements: Air

Lavender Fluorite Meaning and Properties: Lavender Fluorite, also known as Yttrium Fluorite because of its chemical makeup, is a special type of Fluorite that has a high vibration. Lavender Fluorite encourages creativity and soothes you. It aids in spiritual growth and enhances your insight. Lavender Fluorite relaxes your mind so that you can meditate deeply and contact high realms of existence. Lavender Fluorite is a powerful Crown Chakra stone. It stimulates the mind and the spirit. It can cut through mental clutter and open your mind to gather your thoughts in a more manageable way. Lavender Fluorite can help you develop your spirituality and your soul.

Larger heart: approx 1.75"
Smaller heart: approx 1.25-1.5"

Please note that all crystals and stones may have various inclusions, chips, cracks or other markings that make each stone unique. Please refer to the photos of each item to view them prior to purchasing. These are not "defects" but are natural markings and inclusions of MOTHER NATURE created pieces.

When photographing our crystals, although we do our best to get the best representation of the true colors of our crystals and stones, sometimes there might be a slight variation. Due to computer screen resolutions as well as lighting and photography, colors may vary slightly.

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Gemmy Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Heart

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